Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What a day

Wow what a day I have had. I have been listening to my book The Shack all day and oh man I have been in tears it is a great book. It sure has been given me things to think about how we think about GOD. I know we are brought up to think that GOD is a white man but not in this book. Then I have gotten 4 phone calls today. The first one was from my husband. Then my rehab councelor called to find out if I am all ready to come to the center.
Then the directory of the commission for the blind called and she told me she is mailing out my key on the 22nd of this month and she told me the first week I am there it will be crazy.
Then my step mom called and she will be sending out christmas cards to the kids that will be great she always sends money every christmas to the kids for christmas that is great of her.
I am worn out and tired and getting really excited and nervious about Jan getting here.

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