Sunday, December 7, 2008

Felisha My Daughter

Felisha My daughter she is the youngest of the 3 kids I have. Felisha also has a severe learning disablity and a very low commuication skills which makes it had to try and say how she is feeling. Well I knew something was wrong with her she said she did not sleep well and was very tired and when she gets this way I know something is really wrong. So I told her was I was worried and after that she started crying really hard. She does not want me to leave and i total understand that.
I did try to explain why I needed to go not sure that even helped. There are times I do wonder if I need to wait until she is out of school.
I have alot of people telling me now i need to go. They are right I need this for myself. I am not good at making decisions for myself everyone in my life including my husband has always made decisions for me.
So for me this is a huge decision I have made for myself so I can better myself.
I feel God wants me to go know and I feel good about that decision yes I am totally scared to death but that will not stop me.
God will help me thru the time I am away from my husband and kids

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Cori said...

Oh sweety you are so brave but I know that this is the best thing for you !!! Doing this will help you gain such self confidence ... and Felisha will understand one day sweety that Mommy needs to do this .. This IS prob the biggest decision you will ever make in your life Michelle .. God Bless you my friend my support and prayers go out for you and for your family too hun !!

Love Cori xx